Microblading is a semi-perminant manual eyebrow tattoo. Unlike regular tattoo’s microblading does not penetrate into the deeper levels of skin, thus keeping it semi-permanent. This is an important distinction to make as it allows you the freedom to be able to change your look over time. Microblading is done stroke by stroke to create a 3D eyebrow hair effect. Instead of a filled in brow it looks like a real eyebrow.  


Full set: $450.00

This includes a brow consultation where we will look at your current eyebrows, your facial shape, and what you are looking to achieve. Next we will set up your first application appointment in which we will begin the microblading process. Then One more touch up appointment six to eight weeks later. The touch up appointment is important as it allows us to check in to see how your retention of the pigment is, as well as touching up any areas in which retention was low.