What to look for in a primer

As a lover of makeup I am always looking for products that not only give me the desired look, but also help or benefit my skin. As we all know our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs what we put on it. This means not only your moisturizing lotion, but also your makeup. one way to help protect your skin, as well as elongate your makeup wear AND have a more flawless finish is to use a makeup primer. I used to never wear primers, I always felt like they broke me out or did basically nothing for my makeup routine. This was of course until I did a little bit more digging into the world of primers. I learned that many primers contain pore blocking products such as silicon or parabens, as well as drying agents like talc. These products are not good for your skin and can clog or irritate your pores. So it is super important to make sure you are also reading the ingredients of the primers you are looking at. Not everyone will be affected the same way, and this is because everyones skin type is different, so knowing your skin type is the first step in choosing which primer is right for you. I suggest going into my favourite store tephra and consulting one of their colour consultants. Explain what kind of skin you have and narrow down any products you want to try, as well as explaining what ingredients you want to avoid. From there they should be able to direct you to all of the primers you could possibly  try out. I would also highly suggest taking home a few samples of primers and giving them try with your makeup. Sometimes not all makeup works well together and you will want to make sure before you fork out al your hard earned money it is on a product that will actually work with products you already have.


Some primers I personally have found and liked are the Hourglass “Veil Mineral Primer” and the Too Faced “Hangover Replenishing Face Primer”.


These are just a few of the things that I have learned to look for along the way of my makeup journey! I will continue to share on this blog as much as I can, please feel free to comment on what other products or any questions you may have regarding to lashes, brows, or makeup and I will answer or write a blog about it!


xo Brooke